4 remainder 4 as a fraction

Did you solve a long division problem that resulted in 4 remainder 4 (4R4), and now you want to know what the answer is as a fraction? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place.

When we convert an answer with a remainder into a fraction, we will get a mixed number. Therefore, to convert 4 remainder 4 to a fraction (4R4), we need to find both parts of the mixed number; the whole number, and the fraction.

Looking at 4R4, the number that appears before the R is the whole number. We can see that in this case, the whole number is 4. The fraction part of the mixed number is the remainder over the divisor simplified.

This means that we need the divisor in your division problem in order to calculate what 4 remainder 4 is as a fraction. Note that the divisor is always greater than the remainder. Please enter the divisor below and press "Fraction" to convert 4R4 to a fraction.

Remainder to Fraction Calculator
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