Is 50 Divisible By 11?

If you divide 50 by 11 and the quotient is a whole number without a remainder, then 50 is divisible by 11. To find out if 50 is divisible by 11 you could therefore simply enter 50 divided by 11 into your calculator to see if you get a remainder - however, we will show you a better method to determine if 50 is divisible by 11 without a calculator.

To find out if any number such as 50 is divisible by 11, you split 50 into individual digits and then alternate subtracting and adding the digits. If the absolute value of the result is divisible by 11, then 50 is divisible by 11. Here is the math:

5 - 0 = 5
|5| = 5

5 is not divisible by 11, therefore the answer to "Is 50 divisible by 11?" is No.

Divisible by 11
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