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Divisibility Rule for 14

If you divide a number by 14 and you get a whole number as an answer (quotient), then that number is divisible by 14.

Instead of simply dividing your number by 14 to see if you get a whole number, you can use what we call the Divisibility Rule for 14.

The Divisibility Rule for 14 is used to determine if a number is divisible by 14. You can also call it the test of divisibility for 14.

For a number to be divisible by 14, it must be an even number AND when you group the digits of the numbers in blocks of three from right to left and then alternate subtracting and adding the numbers in the blocks, the result must be divisible by 7.

For example, in 88,183,438, you know that is an even number because the last digit is 8. Furthermore, 438 - 183 + 88 = 343 which is divisible by 7. Thus, 88,183,438 is divisible by 14.

However, in the example, 88,183,436, it is an even number, but 436 - 183 + 88 = 341 and 341 is not divisible by 7, thus 88,183,436 is not divisible by 14.

Remember, both conditions must be met for the number to be divisible by 14.

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